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Tokyo Sexwale Has to Tell us More About the Money - OPINION

So it was only Tokyo Sexwale, and another person who were entrusted with these Billions of Dollars by this "powerful family" out there in the world! 

I wonder who he is in the scheme of things. Billions of Dollars can be brought into this country, to change the course of political events without a formal "transactional" agreement with government

Does this man understand the implications of what he is in fact talking about? I'm deliberately parking the scam theory for a moment. So Tokyo and this other dubious fellow, were willing to accept this large sum of money willy nilly, without even talking to the Intelligence Agencies! Sound like a potentially well orchestrated Savinbi operation!

Remember he doesn't even mention anything official, insofar as the paper trail of the cash, nor does he mention any official acceptance of the loot by the Treasury department, except individual names attached to portfolios. All he claims the money was deposited at the SARB. It sounds very strange even for a lay man like myself I should say

He has to tell us more

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