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Warning: Safety First, Read And Share If You Are Going To Vote On 1st November

This article is to advise all the people legal to vote and are going to vote in the local government elections. You have to maintain some safety to ensure that no one gets hurt during this election. 

I would advise that you read this carefully and ensure you a bite by the instructions I would share below as it may save your life on 1st November. Here is the advice below.

1. Avoid violent places.

If you are going to vote, I will advise you to avoid violent places as anything can happen during this election. Many people have lost their lives due to the crisis that occurs during elections, it would be nice if you stayed away from dangerous places on 1st November.

2. Vote and go back home.

My second piece of advice for everyone is that just vote and go home. Your safety should be your major concern while still exercising your right to vote. Don't wait for the results of the elections to be announced, just go home after voting and rest.

3. Put on a Face mask.

This is very important because of the spread of the covid-19 virus. Use a face mask to ensure your safety as you go out to vote. Coronavirus is real, and it kills.

4. Observe Covid-19 Regulations.

Observe all the coronavirus regulations, and you will be safe. Maintain social distancing so that you won't contact the Coronavirus. Ensure to wash your hand when you get home, it is for your safety.

All the above are very important precautions that I think are very important for people to know. Feel free to drip your advice for people who are willing to come out and vote in the comment section.

Thanks for reading my article. Make sure you like and share with your loved ones. Your safety is my concern and don't forget to follow SANews for more news and articles. Have a great day.

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