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President Cyril Ramaphosa is At the ForeFront Of Fixing eSwatini

President Cyril Ramaphosa is At the ForeFront Of Fixing eSwatini

Date: 2021/10/12

Cyril Ramaphosa sent his three friends to go and engage with Mswati to stop the tensions in Eswatini, so they can see if the war amongst people could come to an end. King Mswati is loved and hated all at once by his people.

The President of South Africa wants to be a hero, but he should go to Swaziland himself and see if he can start a democracy with the little assets that they have maybe they could come up with something that could be some sort of help. The people of that country have been crying and their tears are just hitting the ground and they are not listened to or taken seriously by their own king who speaks for them at the United Nations in New York.

The man was born rich, he does not understand when his people are in debt, they should be able to live a good life, but that economy is surviving because there are people that consume weed in South Africa and since it is legal they choose to bring it in South Africa from the border, and it is making that country survive and look extra good looking from the outside.

The resolution is that eSwatini should ask for a loan from South Africa and make repayments with the crops and some of their land. The South African political game is more like a monarchy just like a lot of European Nations, but the difference is that in their committee they have one leader and currency which supports all of western Europe with their trading. The Swati king's purpose is to repopulate for the sake of it, his gene is not that smart, but for 1000s of generations, it has been ruling, so he feel into that.


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