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[Watch] "Ramaphosa is Useless and an Embarrassment" says Julius Malema

Date: 11/06/21


The Economic Freedom Fighters leader Julius Malema had his annual address to the nation and this time he really came out guns blazing at the African National Congress and its president. In his speech he clearly voiced out his dissatisfaction with Cyril Ramaphosa and people could not believe what they were hearing. According to Malema, Ramaphosa is a useless embarrassment.

He was speaking about the President going to the G7 conference and said that it was a waste of time. How can he leave for the G7 conference whole leaving his country in the dark, there is nothing he can do or contribute at the meeting. "I advise that you stay home because you're useless", these were Julius Malema's words.

Though out the whole speech, you could hear how dissatisfied he was with the President. He said the country is in a worse state than it was around the time of Jacob Zuma, which is actually true. When you look at the load shedding data, you see that the country experienced less load shedding during the term of Jacob Zuma, there was in fact, a whole year when South Africa had no load shedding during the Zuma era.

Julius seemed very fearless while he spoke his truth. The country is experiencing the worst load shedding at the current moment. The last time the country was undergoing load shedding, the president was all the way in France negotiating what he called an important deal for South Africa and Africa as a whole.

According to the president, he has been trying his level best to put an end to load shedding, but it is not working at all. This is why recently the country has even experienced stage 4 of load shedding. Eskom and the president is failing South Africa

Watch the full video below:

What do you think about what Julius Malema has been saying, do you believe that the current president is worse at running South Africa than Jacob Zuma? Do you think "Cupcake" is actually an embarrassment and very useless?

Leave a comment below and please follow mentor more insightful news reporting.

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