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Mpumalanga man threatened to sue David Mabuza for trying to assassinate him after he revealed this.

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A man from Mpumalanga has threatened to sue Deputy President David Mabuza because he has refused to apologize for public statements he made relating the flesh presser to political assassinations. 

Mabuza's lawyers sent Pompie Ledwaba a letter on Thursday asking him to submit an apology by November 29. Ledwaba, however, became adamant that he couldn't apologize. 

Twitter is the source of this information. 

From 2009 to 2017, Mabuza was the ultimate and provincial ANC chairperson in Mpumalanga, where he ruled over a tumultuous period. During that time, former Mbombela City Speaker Jimmy Mohlala was assassinated in 2009 while investigating wrongdoing in the R1.2 billion Mbombela World Cup stadium tenders. 

Former Mpumalanga culture, game, and activity spokesperson Sammy Mpatlanyane was also shot dead at his residence in Stonehenge, Nelspruit, in 2010 after refusing to signal papers for disputed tenders. He traveled to Germany only to discover that his signature had been falsified. 

In each case, the perpetrators were not apprehended by the authorities. 

The wrong people were detained in Mohlala's homicide, including a 60-year-old lady. Prices that were in contradiction to them were afterwards removed. 

Suspects from Mozambique, Tanzania, and the Democratic Republic of Congo were apprehended in Mpatlanyane's case, but the case fell apart after a key witness was pronounced unfit to stand trial and later died. 

For the duration of his public utterances, Ledwaba has referred to such incidents. 

According to Ledwaba: 

Because Deputy President Mabuza is a public person, I refuse to withdraw and apologize. I switched to exposing him to public scrutiny. I'm declaring that those are the events that occurred under his leadership. 

"He did not condemn his companions' assassination." He has indicated that he is aware of the murders in question and that he will inform authorities when the time is appropriate. "I'm prepared to defend myself within the excessive courtroom, and I'll inform the judge that I'm holding this person accountable," he stated. 

Mabuza should also stop treating Ledwaba like a "black bastard," according to Ledwaba. 

He explained: 

They must refrain from threatening me. They no longer use WhatsApp because they need to go to the sheriff to get summonses. They must treat me with dignity and respect now that I'm no longer a black scumbag. 

According to Mabuza's legal counsel, Ledwaba testified that, while Mabuza became the governor of Mpumalanga, "People began out perishing one by one" and that 27 people were slain and "evaporated into thin air" during his term. 

They further stated that Ledwaba claimed Mabuza was responsible for the assassination of whistle-blowers and knew the masterminds of the assassinations within the province. Mabuza's lawyers, according to Ledwaba, also accused Mabuza of being the source of problems in both the United States and the ANC, and of becoming into a dreaded political monster. 

Ulrich Roux, Mabuza's attorney, was no longer available for comment. 

Mabuza filed a crimen injuria fee in 2019 in response to Bishop Hangwi Maumela's accusation that he was an assassin. 

Maumelle was eventually released from custody. "We want humans who have a vision... who've made it through their lives without killing other humans... comrades who've made it through their lives without victimizing, slumbering around, and doing all the one's matters," he said in a video that circulated on social media at the time. We can't have an assassin as a vice president, and you can't have an assassin's woman friend as an ultimate. That's not how it's painted." 

The bishop began speaking at rallies organized by an ANC faction that was attempting to replace Mabuza as provincial ANC chairperson. 

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