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Zondo Hit Back At Former Spy Boss Arthur Fraser After Sending This Strong Message

Vice president equity Raymond Zondo has come out firearms blasting after previous supervisor Arthur Fraser's issue with his appointment for the situation of boss equity. 

In a letter, Fraser said Zondo was not a fit and appropriate possibility to head SA's zenith court. He whined about the manner in which he was treated by the state catch commission, led by Zondo. 

"I have motivation to accept that his direct was purposeful and looked to ensure those I would have presented to be the genuine guilty parties in catching or endeavoring to recover the state," said Fraser. "I further have motivation to accept that his conscious direct tried to secure the genuine beginnings of the possibility of the commission as an unfamiliar supported idea." 

Previous government agent manager Arthur Fraser has officially protested the selection of vice president equity Raymond Zondo as a possibility for the situation of boss ... 

Zondo hit back on Thursday. In explanation gave by the secretary of the commission Prof Itumeleng Mosala, Zondo said Fraser's "articulations are false". 

Fraser said Zondo had denied him the chance to give proof before the commission and to safeguard himself against witnesses who involved him. He additionally said Zondo denied him the chance to question observers who embroiled him in the commission. 

"Notwithstanding open calls made by the administrator of the commission from February 2018 to right off the bat in 2020 welcoming at various times chiefs general and pastors who knew about supposed demonstrations of state catch and debasement to approach and give that data to the commission, Mr Fraser didn't, over two years, approach to impart such data to the commission," the assertion peruses. 

The commission said there are arrangements for "any individual who is involved by an observer in the commission and who wishes to affirm and safeguard oneself against claims or proof of bad behavior". The individual is needed to apply to the commission for pass on to give proof and that application is chosen by the administrator, the commission said. 

"Mr Fraser has never presented an application to the commission for pass on to give proof," the assertion peruses. 

Arthur Fraser had numerous chances to affirm however declined to, says vice president equity Raymond Zondo.  

"It isn't clear why, if Mr Fraser felt that he had been embroiled by specific observers in bad behavior, he didn't adhere to the guidelines and apply for leave to affirm. In such manner it is to be noticed that Mr Fraser is lawfully addressed by attorneys who know about the principles of the commission. Assuming Mr Fraser needed to affirm, he expected to agree with the standards that administer the situation of individuals who need to vouch for shield themselves against witnesses who have embroiled them." 

Concurring the assertion, the commission contacted Fraser. 

"On 5 August 2020 a specialist of the commission called Mr Fraser's then lawyer (not the current one) subsequent to becoming mindful of explanations by Mr Fraser that he would uncover insider facts about presidents and judges as to state catch as well as debasement," the assertion peruses. 

"The examiner addressed Mr Fraser's lawyer and requested a plan as far as which Mr Fraser would be met by the commission's specialists to acquire data that was inside his insight. As per that agent, Mr Fraser's lawyer was uncooperative and let the specialist know that Mr Fraser would not like to draw in with the commission and they would utilize their 'own channels and strategies'. The specialist concerned announced this to his senior who thus sent an email to the top of the legitimate group (Advocate PJ Pretorius SC) and the top of the examination group (Mr T Nombembe). These two examiners have removed to sworn statements which affirm this." 

SA's valuable free legal executive is sleepwalking into calamity 

We're not getting the best individuals on to the seat, the result of the new meetings by the JSC demonstrating indeed that that body might have become ... 

"On 14 April 2021 Mr Fraser's application to the commission for a request convincing the priest of state security and the state security office to give him different archives that he said he required for his accommodation before the commission was to be heard," the assertion peruses. 

"There is a record of the procedures of the fourteenth April 2021 which mirrors that the top of the commission's lawful group, Adv Pretorius SC, called upon Mr Fraser to co-work with the commission's examiners even at that late stage to lead an examination in regard of the data he was saying he had which he said would uncover presidents and judges however to date Mr Fraser has not co-worked with the commission's specialists.


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