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Zanu Pf is the most painful sanctions to ordinary Zimbabweans

The most important question is why is it only affecting the ordinary people and not even our leaders. Corruption is buffering our leaders from the efffects of sanctions. No wonder they dont want to reform. You said it Mr President that sanctions are affecting the ordinary people only. 20 years in sanctions and no reform, why because of corruption

Lets hope you will address those issues which invited sanctions on our country especially political violence. My issue though is not about sanctions. I want to address things which will inform my presidential choice in 2023.Firstly its the attack on Nelson Chamisa 's representatives. Unheard of that we vote for leaders then courts crush our choices. Come 2023 we want to send a loud and clear message that courts should never interfere with our political choices. My other burning issue is corruption,while patriotic Zimbabweans hve played their role by blowing corrupt activities,its the prosecution which has let us down My choice will be informed by that critical issue.Catch and release will surely be on top of my mind as i cast my vote.While i acknowledge your efforts on roads rehabilitation i am worried about two things,pricing and beneficiaries of the tenders.I want different people to benefit from gvt tenders not the same individuals. Education and our Sports and entertainment industries hve been decimated by prolonged lockdowns. I also question the opening of airports and closure of land borders which i believe benefits the rich and impoverish cross-border traders, he plate is full and it needs urgent attention, sign off

Sanctions went to Masvingo and bashed our fellow brothers, shot people in the streets, looting funds, refusing to make electoral reform. I hope she checks your fb timeline, sometimes being stupid and fooling yourself is the worst form of dimwittedness, but maybe, Is there anything legal about your presidentship/presidentness

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