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EFF tell south africans you decide to take the land or not

The leader of the economic freedom fighters was the one to challenge the African national congress on the land issue saying that the land must be returned to the black people of south Africa.

The African national congress took a turn to try and turn the policy of land expropriation without compensation to be into law.

Many political parties rejected to vote for the for policy the economic freedom was concerned that the african national congress is selling out and they are not on the side of the black people of south Africa.

The economic freedom fighters leader Julius sello malema said that the party that is in power which is the African national congress doesn't care about it people and this is a big problem in the country.

The country is in the mess of the forever increasing of unemployed youth specially the educated youth but things takes turn for them to be unemployed under the conditions of a dangerous virus.

It was expected that Julius sello malema the leader of the economic freedom fighters was going to accept the Bill about the land issue drafted by the African national congress but this was not the case for the economic freedom fighters leader.

There not agreeing with the Bill the leader of the economic freedom fighters then made a decision to tell all south africans to act on their own will to take make sure that they own their own piece of land.

According to how things stand if people decide to take the land on their will they might be arrested or even have the necessary documents to show That they own the land this might affect the lives of many families.

What the economic freedom fighters leader is saying to the people is that they must take the land by force and by force means they might be negative results.

According to the democratic alliance private ownership for them remains critical, it is clear that the economic freedom fighters Will never form a long term relationship with the democratic alliance because of The differences between the two parties.


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