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Importance Of ‘KaGogo’ In Swaziland & The Queen Mother’s Suspicious Silence

In the culture of emaSwati, the granny’s hut is the refuge in the homestead. If you have a disagreement with anyone in the family and you need a safe place where you can’t be touched, you go to granny’s hut. Major decisions are made in this hut, it truly is an administrative centre for the family. In light of the recent protests, the Queen Mother seems to have been silent; which may raise suspicion. So why is the granny of the nation quiet?

Mom Knows Best

Traditionally speaking, the homestead is established by the grandmother. For one to gain habitation rights on Swazi National Land, a woman is required. Men cannot get these rights on their own, they need a woman; be it the wife, mother, or otherwise. One would then expect emaSwati to be turning to their grandmother’s hut, but instead, they marched to the American embassy, they’re taking to the streets, and they’re causing a raucous in places of business.

The king personally addressed the issue of anti-monarchy protests, yet the queen mother is mum on the topic; pun intended. This is a time when you’d expect the mother to give advice to the son, and perhaps she has. The aggrieved are calling for engagement; for dialogue, if you will. They want to interact with those in charge and collectively brainstorm a way out of all the trouble. Silence will simply not solve anything, and many would appreciate some good, old, motherly love from her.

Gran's Got No Plan?

Grandmothers often prove themselves to be better at taking care of kids than the parents of those kids. We’ve seen how some grannies resort to selling marijuana just to feed their grandkids who have been abandoned by their parents. This is a narrative that is all too common in the Kingdom of Swaziland, mind you. The matriarchal position they play still has relevance in the 21st century, especially among this tribe.

Why do you think the old lady hasn’t said a word about the protests? Do you think silence will do her good or will it contribute to her downfall? Would any word from the Queen Mother make things better in Swaziland? Let us know what you think in the comments below, share with your grandmother, and FOLLOW FOR EVERYTHING SWAZILAND!

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