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Watch what this dog was doing with this little girl that left people in shock and got them talking

To people who don't know dogs, dogs are special and they are good learners, trust me when I tell you that everything you teach them they don't forget it. Some people might look at a dog and say it's just a dog I can do anything and it won't do anything to me or remember because by tomorrow it would have forgotten. Little do they know that tomorrow they will remember.

Dogs and kids are best friends if you want to see the best side of dogs, take it where there are kids they become excited, and you wanna why know because it's alleged that kids give dogs more attention and they have something in common which is they love playing. One thing about kids and dogs is that kids are playful so are dogs I guess that's why they get along.

And this video that was shared on social media proves it. A video of a little girl and a dog was shared on social media where a girl was playing on a swing, and instead of her friends pushing her to guess who was doing it? The dog. It's not every day whereby you find a dog do something like that it's a rare thing no wonder people were shocked when they saw that.

By just looking at this video you can see that this two get along and this dog enjoys what it's doing playing with the little girl. Though some people were complaining saying why is the dog tied up.

People should understand that some dogs are dangerous if they leave the yard, they might harm other people that's why people prefer to tie their dogs now and then. And by the look of things this dog looks happy, it doesn't mind but it enjoys what it's doing, I guess we just have to focus on the positive side and forget about the negative. Which is both the girl and the dog are both happy.

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