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Check out a picture of a woman acting like a dog that caused a stir on social media

People are known to do crazy stuff and have the worse fattish ever, for instance the is a guy who tattooed himself to look like an alien with his eyes tattooed and his ears cut to resemble the alien like creatures.

And the is one who think he is a leopard, he tattooed his whole body with leopard spots and changed his eye color to look like a cat and not forgetting that he cut his teeth to look like fangs, it still unclear why this people do such things maybe it is phycological and needs help, speaking of weird thing it brings me to this lady who for some reason have decided to be a dog, you could see her being on the leach and walking like a real dog and the guy is walking her the way you would take your dog for a walk, it is not pretty to see how a beautiful woman choose to do this.


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