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Mzansi calls out for Pit bulls to be banned for residential ownership

-These are not dogs, they are vultures and at any given time,the owner or anyone else can be their prey. Trained or not. Dogs are bred for specific reason. Pitbulls were bred to enjoy killing, especially killing human beings.

-Dogs have specific genetics, a Pitbull is a killer. You can't make it a family dogs.No They Shouldn't.

-If You Have A Dog, Regardless Of The Breed. The Dog Should Be Trained, Early Puppy Socialization & A Lot Of Exposure, Vaccinate etc If People Can Learn To Do That, it Would Be Much Better.

-Without No Rules & Boundaries Anything Does What It Wants.The best dog you can own, pitbull portray it's owner it becomes what you want it to be Reckless and irresponsible owners should be barred from having one...

-There's nothing wrong with that breed as it's one of the most loyal breeds you'd come across.

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A Lot Of Exposure Mzansi Puppy


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