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The Cartagena people, young boys are advised to have Sèx with donkeys not only to get experience.

There are people in Northern Colombia where donkey love is a very normal thing and everyone has Sèx with donkeys. They buy donkeys, feed them, pet them and make love with them in shocking ways.

For normal people, it's a real moment, but Colombian men and women see it as part of their daily routine. Apparently, Colombia is a very religious Catholic country and women do not have Sèx until they grow up or get married on some occasions. So boys and men find pleasurè in donkeys. You think what I said now is weird, then following the facts about the donkey will just leave your mind.

There are not just a few hoŕny boys, but every young man around the age of 10 has Sèx with a donkey to lose his vìrginity. Some boys even call donkeys their gìrlfriends. Below I have shared a video about this. One guy said his girlfriend is not ready to make love yet, so he gets on donkeys.

You know how a boy is considered delightful by how much the girl is attached to in school. It's the same in Northern Colombia, but this time they count how many donkeys he has shot.

Another reason or let's say excuse for donkey love is practice. It is said that they are preparing for the time when they will have Sèx with a woman. Dirty donkeys are preparing them and at that time they will be able to easily please theiŕ wife. However, it seems that their wives can not please these men.

Every year in Colombia a festival is organized to celebrate their love for donkeys. For him it became an entire documentary which shocked the world. I have also shared a documentary below about it. So all the men gather in one place, do some weird dancing, decorate their aśses in public like a bride and you can guess what will come next.

So one would think it's just a wild thing of adolescence, but, not surprisingly, it is not. These men actually prefer donkey love. Many men cheat on their wives with donkeys. You see the picture below. This man's interview is included in the video shared at the bottom of this page.


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