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Checkout Lovely Pictures Of This Dog That Gave Birth To 7 Puppies

It's hard not to appreciate these photographs of a Golden Retriever dog mom with seven puppies! In addition to the dog's love for her 7 children, she has her dad's support. Guests came to see their baby, exactly like a human couple.


As a newlywed couple that has recently had a baby, they are gorgeous. How they both look at their puppies; such contented parents.That they will have many sleepless nights and become stressed in the near future.

According to legend, female dogs are supposed to be the best animal mothers, licking and cleaning up after their pups, protecting and feeding them. When a dog gives birth, it becomes very protective of its young.


There is no such thing as a dog abandoning its puppies. Male Dogs Stay With Their Wife And Babies-Photos of Male and Female Dogs with their Puppies.


Having a child is a difficult task for both people and dogs. To prepare for pregnancy, a woman sees her period, and a dog does too. A woman's pregnancy lasts months, and so do dogs'.

Just know that these dogs may deliver up to 15 babies at a time. These dogs also go through hard labor. It is heartbreaking to watch. They would scream in agony as they pushed out their kids, and then turn violent.

This is my favorite photo of the dog with her puppies because it depicts the burden of being a mother. Her kids cling to her like a mother. In a few months, these puppies will be huge.

Nobody now dares approach her children, especially strangers. A dog can attack you for only looking at her children. A few breeds of dogs stay calm and lively after giving birth, allowing you to carry their babies if desired.

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