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Dog walking with two legs spotted in Limpopo (Watch)


A video has left people laughing on social media, after seeing a dog walking with two legs without back limbs. The dog was taken a video crossing the road without a clear direction were it was going. What caught the eye of the public is that the dog was never struggling to walk like a human being.

The way it walked it was as though it is part of witchcraft. Sad reality was that it was born with disability and it taught itself how to walk like a human. People who watches and commented failed to judge after realizing that it is no fun laughing about almost anything.

After seeing how difficult it is to live with disability as an animal. The fact that it managed to overcome challenge from a young age. People applauded the fact that the owner never thought he is being Bewitched for owning that kind of an animal. Like Share and follow.

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