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Choose What Best For Your Pet Cremation or Burial

This is something we've all set aside. We save a loved one from the pound or from someone who didn't realize they were agreeing to a 15-year commitment. Or we choose the puppy of our dreams, the tiny ball of fluff we adore. Knowing that a person will live for an average of 80 years if they are in excellent health, and that most dogs and some cats will live for an average of 15 years. If we commit and meet our own personal health objectives, we can have up to 5 lovely souls throughout our lifetime.

As a result, we must address the issue several times during our time on Earth. What do we do when our children die? Should we bury or cremate our beloved pet that has been a member of our family for many years? This is such a personal question that you will make your own decision regardless of what you read in this essay. I'm not sure if either option is correct or improper, but I believe the most important decision is how you dispose (such a horrible term) of your loved one when their time here is up. The only true solution is clear, with a lot of love and a lot of respect.

Some families are fortunate to have inherited a farm and have created their own pet cemetery throughout the years. In some remote regions, kind families have handed up their property and established official Pet Cemeteries. Others in suburbia are not so fortunate; there are restrictions and regulations that vary depending on whatever state, county, or nation you live in regarding whether you may bury a loved one in your yard. For years, none of this mattered, and little graves could be found in everyone's backyard, complete with the usual funeral ritual and family gathering to say their final farewell.

So, with all of the limitations in place, I suppose this is where the cremation business began. As a result, you now have this choice as well. This is a practical solution because you can bring your loved one with you everywhere you go (their ashes). They can accompany you throughout the nation like they did when they were active, young, and healthy. You can also pick this option if you don't have a place to bury your loved one. Then you're faced with even another conundrum. You must now choose a receptacle for the ashes that represents your loved one's spirit and individuality.

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