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Forget 6 Packs, See The Most Muscular Animals In The World


1. Roger

When a fresh image of Roger, one of the stars of our gallery of wonderfully muscled animals, surfaced, we felt obligated to update it. This most recent image from The Kangaroo Sanctuary in Australia demonstrates Roger's continued excellent health. What justification do you have if you look at some of the other animals that made our list?

2. Lion

Few creatures can match this large cat's size, power, and fury, which is one of the many reasons why it is regarded as the king of the jungle. This gorgeous animal has some tremendous muscle in addition to the lion's unique mane.

The Doberman Pinscher Thor

This chest-thumping Dobbie is head and shoulders above the rest, despite the fact that the Doberman is regarded for being an outstanding guard dog. Thor the Doberman Pinscher would be in the lead if there were canine bodybuilding competitions.

4. Horse

The majority of horses are noted for having strong bodies and majestic statures, and this powerful stallion lives up to expectations. You have to wonder how those slender legs carry all the weight down the stretch given its enormous, muscle-rippled body.

Belgium Blue Bull No. 5

Oh my God! These bulls, known as "Belgian Blues," have a genetic defect that causes their muscle mass to quadruple after birth. They are better able to metabolize meals into lean muscle and burn fat. Don't you wish you had this genetic disorder from birth?

Pit Bull 6.

Imagine coming into this badass while taking a stroll in the park, as if the breed weren't frightening enough already. Fortunately, most Pit bulls are actually quite sociable dogs that make wonderful family pets. They are intelligent, laid-back, and fiercely devoted to the pack. And with this jacked hound keeping guard over you, who in their right mind would mess with you.

What do you think of these animals?

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