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Is a German Shepherd and a Belgian Malinois the same dog?

Is a German Shepherd and a Belgian Malinois the same dog?

Noo by any means these two breeds are the same. They both are herders yes and probably were used to create each other back in the days, but they are nowhere near the same even if they look the same.

Belgian Malinois is a much higher energy and drivey breed than German Shepherd. They have high exercise needs and are eager to learn and require lots of mental stimulation a day because of that. They are less suitable for pet/family homes. What comes to the appearance they are usually much smaller and not as heavy. They are more agile and their mobility is beyond amazing.

The German Shepherd is a bit calmer, heavier built shepherd. In temperament yes they are energetic and want to learn but are not in the same level as the Belgian Malinois. They are better for family homes with children and have more stable temperament.

German Shepherd and Belgian Malinois (mali is the right one)

But there is a dog breed Belgian Shepherd and Malinois is just a short-coated variation of it. Then there is Laekenois, Tervuren and Groenendael. These are all just coat variations. I think this might have confused you, perhaps?

Here are the Belgian Shepherds: from left to right Malinois, Laekenois, Tervuren and Groenendael. Same breed, different coats.

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