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Husband and wife relationship

"My Dog Is My Husband" Meet The Photos of a Woman Who Had a Public Wedding With a Dog (Photos)

The world is full of irony, as evidenced by today's article, which tells the story of a woman who made a move that had everyone talking.

Many people were taken by surprise when a woman by the name of Shariam chose to hold a wedding with a dog, which was shown live on television channels. According to Ali, the presenter, Shariam made the decision to marry a dog since she does not have a good relationship with men. She was married several times to different men, but none of the marriages lasted more than a few months before she ended up divorced.

The fact that her decision was one of the most talked about on social media sites was one of the reasons for her popularity. According to her, this was not a problem, and she couldn't care less about what other people thought. Shariam worked as a model in the early 1980s, and she was really stunning.

Many people found the love for a dog to be weird, and it drew a large number of opinions on social networking platforms, with many believing it was a bad choice.


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Ali My Dog Is Shariam


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