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HEARTBREAKING|| Dogs stay with dead owner all night after this happened

Date: 23 May 2022

Dogs are known to be devoted companions, as evidenced by the sad but touching incident of an elderly man who died by a road while walking with his dogs, and the dogs stayed by his side all night until his body was discovered the next morning.

Image: Arrive Alive

A man's body was discovered on the side of an unpaved road in Tongaat, KZN after he went missing with his three dogs while hunting.

A passerby called members of Reaction Unit South Africa (RUSA) to the Maidstone-Brake Village connection road at around 07:37 in the morning. When the Reaction Officers arrived, they were greeted by the Metro Police officers present. The old man's body was inspected by medics and unfortunately, it was found to be lifeless.

Image: Arrive Alive

The 65-year-old man and a neighbour left their home in Tongaat, KZN, last night to hunt small animals on the sugar cane plantation, according to police.

During the hunt, they split, but the elderly man and his three dogs never returned to his vehicle. His neighbour returned home and alerted his family, who organized a search party.

Image: Arrive Alive

This morning, the man's lifeless body was discovered on the side of an unpaved road. His three dogs stayed by his side.

The cause of his death was not determined right away.

I feel that the key to solving this case is the neighbour. It's disturbing that he does not know what happened, despite the fact that he was with the deceased at the time. If the neighbour had nothing to do with the death of this elderly man, he should have heard or seen something unusual during the hunt.

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