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Funny memes and quotes that will make you laugh

If she got an A in her name she's crazy don't even get me started if she got 2 A's

I've got 3 A'sWhen your sister never named her child after you. I had to buy a teddy bear for my daughter and name it after her uncle. Nobody: People who have to wear glasses but don't want to:Me and my best friend thinking how we can quit our jobs and still live the boogie lifestyle we deserve

Me winning fake arguments in the shower. The shampoo bottles When you are finally old enough to listen in on the family gossip and everything starts to make sense Me driving: Oops that was illegal but it's fine. Monday mornings are so depressing that on average we don't crack our first smile until 11:16 amCats bump their head against you as a way of saying they trust you. It's called bunting. A study revealed that the 54% of American dog owners are willing to end their relationship if their dog doesn't like their partner.

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