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3 Unbelievable Pets Children Are Allowed To Own


If you decide to get an exotic pet for your child, you should look for one that is both friendly and easy to handle. Pets for children should also be able to deal with a child's occasionally boisterous and unruly disposition.

Here are some of the most popular pets for kids, along with some basic information about what they demand from their caregivers.

1. Rats

Rats have distinct personalities and enjoy playing with toys and puzzles. They don't have a reputation for biting, which is a plus. Rats should be housed in pairs and in a spacious cage. Despite being nocturnal, they tend to adapt to your schedule. ​

The only issue with rats is the undeserved stereotype associated with filth; like cats, they may leave urine marks while wandering, especially on your hands. However, rats are clean pets that groom themselves multiple times every day. If you like hairless tails, your kids will enjoy them as well.

2. Guinea Pigs

Guinea pigs are generally quite calm and easy to handle gently. They become acquainted with your routines and are highly responsive, which keeps children interested. They are also more likely to be awake with children because they are active throughout the day and night.

Guinea pigs require a large living space when kept in pairs. They are appealing and affectionate—they love to be pet and scratched.

Guinea pigs are very active and enjoy running around in a giant hamster ball to get some exercise. Feed fresh foods for a healthy life of five to eight years.

3. Gerbils

When attempting to tame gerbils, patience is required, although they can grow extremely sociable with regular handling. Because they are social, they should be kept in pairs or small groups. Even if they are not handled much, their play is entertaining to observe. Gerbils cycle through many sleep/wake cycles throughout the course of a 24-hour period, rather of sleeping all day or all night.

A youngster should never grasp a gerbil by the tail; dislocation and broken tails are extremely painful and irreversible injuries for gerbils.

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