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People's Reactions After A Violent Dog Was Captured Eating In Its Cage (Video)


Dogs are supposed to be kept as pets. Dogs are supposed to be beautiful and thoughtful, but they're also supposed to be partners and companions. Nonetheless, some dogs are also intended to serve as security guards.

Some dogs are bred to be extraordinarily lethal to meet the only requirement of security. The majority of dogs who work as security guards are well-prepared and well-cared for.

A furious dog was seen on camera, yapping and eating fully adult frozen chickens in a video that was shared on the Twitter web-based media. The entire scene was so bizarre that it prompted the client who submitted the footage to ask, “Is this a dog?”

The dog continued to woof and bite at the frozen chicken as if it were nothing; the scene might almost be compared to a natural life story in which a lion is seen devouring its meal.

On Twitter, here's the link to see the video:

Here are a couple screen images from the video as well.

While the video was being shared on Twitter, users who had seen it wanted to respond. Below are a few screenshots from their responses.


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