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Check out pictures of world's ugliest dog breeds found in Africa


A lot of people are dog lovers some go as far as breeding dogs to guard their homes. While other people just keep them to be part of the family. Meaning their dogs will be seeing inside the house. And be treated like anyone else around the house.

But some dogs are pretty ugly to be leaving inside the house. Although they are guard dogs people still treat them like any other dogs because of their character. In South African locations it is rare to see residents breeding ugly dogs. Only white people have time to keep suck dogs as for blacks it is a no no.

Black people don't actually like lazy dogs they pick a dog according to how energetic it is. A dog that sleep a lot black people don't actually have a relationship with it. And when asked why they don't have a clear explanation why they hate those kinds of dogs. Most preferred dogs in locations are pitbulls and boereboel dogs.

Some people love small dogs while others live bigger dogs. As for this one's here a black man will throw a stone at you once you try to give him such dogs.

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