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Animal Welfare Society urges pet owners to abstain from giving animals human medicine

The Animal Welfare Society of SA is cautioning pet owners to refrain from giving their pets any medication that humans use.

It said that pets are being treated on a regular basis after they had been administered paracetamol, aspirin and other painkillers by their owners who appear oblivious to the dangers of attempting to treat animals with medication designed for humans.

"Human meds are not generally alright for pets and keeping in mind that some human medications can be given to pets, others can be extremely harmful so by giving them human medications and medicine unpredictably, they are coincidentally putting their pets' lives in danger," the general public said. 

It said the three most regularly utilized over-the-counter medications were ibuprofen, paracetamol and headache medicine. 

It said proprietors endeavoring to extrapolate and appraise dosing from people to pets could have conceivably dangerous ramifications for their creatures. 

"We have needed to revive a few felines and canines who were given conceivably deadly portions of ibuprofen and paracetamol by their proprietors who accepted that they were doing acceptable. 

"A portion of these disastrous pets showed genuine incidental effects, for example, kidney and liver harmfulness which convoluted their treatment, and delayed their hospitalization. 

"Basically drug ought to never be regulated to pets without first counseling a veterinarian," the Animal Welfare Society said. 

It said it investigated motivations behind why pet people would settle on this treatment for their creatures and the shared factor was cash. 

"Some discourteous pet people hesitant to put resources into their pets' wellbeing, which is equivalent to playing Russian roulette with their pets' lives, while others feel that veterinary expenses have become exorbitant," it said. 

The Animal Welfare Society added that there was not a good reason for denying pets of veterinary consideration and allowing them to die.

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