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People on social media laughed after they noticed this in this picture

People on social media laughed after they saw this sign that was put inside the fridge. In this sign it was written that you should check for the cats arm before closing the fridge.

It seems as if the owner of this cats knows his/her cat very well, as in this picture you can spot the hand of the cat inside the fridge. Maybe the cat does this every time when this fridge is open and the owner even made this sign because some other people my not notice the cat's hand when they open this fridge.

In the end they may hurt the cat when they are closing the fridge. Surely this cat has been hurt by this owner many times before when he/she was closing his/her fridge in the past. This cats obviously knows that its food probably is in this fridge and it was maybe trying to get food for itself to eat. However this sign that the owner made shows that he/she loves his/her cat, as he/she does not want to see their cat being hurt, as he/she know that their cat does this every time when the fridge is open.

They made that sign to try and protect their cat from being hurt by the fridge door, when the fridge door is being closed. Some people on social media even share their own experience about their cat's reactions when they open their fridges. One of the people on social media even said when they open their fridge their cat don't sneak like this one which is sneaking its hand inside the fridge, as their cat would jump straight inside the fridge. 

Here are some of the comments that people on social media made about this cat that was sneaking its hand inside the fridge.

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