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Pitbulls Are Much More Dangerous Than We Think, This Is What Was Spotted

Pit bulls are much more dangerous than we think and this comes after the video footage made rounds on social media and had people commenting about how vicious the animal looked, and basically how it looked like it was possessed by some kind of a demon.

Despite the fact that the owner was trying very hard to stop it from committing this horrible act it was still biting, and doing everything it could to inflict pain on the corrugated iron sheet or the dustbin made-up of aluminium.

Many people are worried about this species of dogs that is called Pit bulls because there are some pit bulls that are very vicious and incorrigible, they would definitely do just about anything that they can even including attacking people.

It is a dog that is very relentless once it gets its bite onto something it would not easily let go, it would require to be killed or perhaps two people coming together and trying to stop it because these animals are very lethal.

People must be responsible for their own animals and not allow them to get off the leash or even if they do at least have a secured home and possibly enclosed, so that the dog wouldn’t be running around if there are people on the road.

People must do more in order to ensure that these animals are locked up properly and taken care of, or given the proper training to not turn into these vicious and monstrous pets.

We hope that more can be done by our authorities in order to change the stigma around this or to completely ban these types of dogs and their breeding, because they're very dangerous and unfortunately they cannot be living with the ordinary members of the public and be civilized members of our society.

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