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Engrossing snowy owl facts

Snowy owls are considered as very beautiful yet intriguing at the same time. Their physical appearance is definitely captivating . I have gathered information on snowy owls.

Snowy owls are tiny in size . They weigh 1.66 kg , and can grow to an average of 59 cm long. Snowy owls are easily recognized by their white appearance , they are the only owls that have a primarily white plumage. 

Owls are known for staying on trees , and having a tendency of avoiding the ground , however snowy owls prefer the ground. They don't even make their nest on trees. Birds are known for fearing many animals even human included however snowy birds will defend their nest against any animal or human regardless of their size .

In the wild these birds are able to live for 10 years , however in captivity they are able to live for 25 to 30 years. Climate change is one factor that effects their lifespan. 

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