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Polar bears are good swimmers as well as runners

Polar bears are viewed as fluffy , adorable bears that have a high endurance level , as well as strength, however there is much more to polar bears than what is portrayed in movies , series as well as fictional books.

A common misconception is that polar bears are white, however in actual fact they have black skin. polar bears actually have colorless hair , and hollow black skin. Their hollow fur will reflect light which will trap the suns heat which then protects them from the warmt which gives of the appearance of white fur.

Polar bears are often portrayed as lazy due to seeing them lazing around however they are actually very excellent runners as well as swimmers. They are able to run 40km per hour , and are able to swim 10 km per hour which definitely proves that we should not judge a book by its cover.

Having a huge appetite is a common trait of a polar bear. A single seal could keep a bear full for 8 days. Bears are known for hibernating, but polar bears are exempted from it.

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