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Sara Baartman: The Black Woman Who Was Nakedly Showcased Together With Animals On London Streets

Sara Baartman, the Black Woman Who Was Nakedly Photographed With Animals On London Streets

Sara Baartman, who was 26 years old at the time of her death, passed away in 1816.

Her death occurred as a result of an unknown cause.

She died of alcoholic liver disease, smallpox, or pneumonia, but no one knew for sure.

Cuvier, a French doctor, dismembered her body after retrieving it from the local police.

He made a plaster cast of her body, placed her brain and vagina in jars, and showed them at the Musée de l'Homme in Paris until 1974. (Museum of Man).

Sara Baartman's story was revived in 1981 when palaeontologist Stephen Jay Gould included an account of her ordeal in his book The Mismeasure of Man, a critical criticism of racial science.

Sara Baartman's disproportionately large buttocks and unusual coloring piqued the attention of colonial Europeans who considered themselves to be racially superior.

She was transported from England to France in September 1814, after four years in London, where she was forced to parade her nakedness in the markets, and upon arrival, Hendrik Cezar sold her to Reaux, a livestock dealer.

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Black French Sara Baartman


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