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Photos of Japan's 'Cat Island' Where Cats Outnumber Humans

On the island of Aoshima, known as "Cat Island" due to the high concentration of feline occupants, lies the prefecture of Ehime, Japan. According to media reports, the number of cats on the island outnumbers the number of people.

When the cats were first brought to the island, they were used to control the population of rats that lived in the fishing boats. As the island's human population dwindled, the felines stayed and continued to reproduce.

The island has grown in popularity as a vacation spot, but the locals don't seem to mind as long as the peace and quiet continue. In addition, people from all throughout Japan give cat food.

The island's length is about 1.6 kilometers (miles). It used to be a part of Nagahama in Kita District, but as of 2005, it is now a part of zu in Kita District.

Since the sardine fisheries were depleted and jobs were relocated to cities, the human population on the island has decreased.

Photographs of Japan's Cat Island can be found below.

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