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Top 10 Smartest Cat Breeds In The World

10: Japanese Bobcat

The Japanese Bobcat first came to America in 1968. That’s fascinating considering the species goes back to Japan, 600 to 700 A.D. The dating makes her one of the oldest recorded types of the cat in existence.

9: Turkish Angora

A most intelligent type of animal, the Turkish Angora is adaptable, affectionate, and full of energy.

8: Siamese

One of the most famous cats in the world is also one of the smartest. The Siamese is openly acknowledged for having a wondrous social nature and a truckload of affection for her family.

7: Persian

The Persian cat has a round face, long hair, and a friendly, quiet temperament. Out of Iran, the Persian cat appeared in the West Circa 1620.

6: Singapura

A Singapura loves interactive play and can’t get enough attention from loved ones. He’s friendly with other cats and dogs too. But you want to note that the Singapura is a sensitive cat and not suited for a home with small children and loud noises.

5: Scottish Fold

Not surprisingly, this cat comes from Scotland. She’s part of a medium-sized breed coming in a black, white, blue, red, silver, or cream long, soft coat. Weekly combings are essential as this type of feline sheds all year.

4: Burmese

The Burmese cat comes in a variety of unique shades, including platinum, blue, and champagne. He’s energetic, curious, sociable, and craves his family’s attention.

3: Cornish Rex

Due to her sleek body and great speed, the Cornish Rex is often called the “Greyhound” of the cat world. She’s also one of the rare cats that loses a significant amount of hair over their lifetime.

2: Bengal

The Bengal is a large, athletic breed. He’s famous not just for intelligence but also has a reputation for curiosity that leads to rambunctious action.

1: Abyssinian

The Abyssinian is easily considered the smartest cat period. Abyssinians are capable of learning tricks and are strongly responsive to training. A unique trait of this kitty is the “ticked” coat.

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