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Maputla and Mantuli under the tree, see what happened

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Apparently it seems like this might be the end of the Maputla family as we all know that Meikie is accusing Charity of sleeping with her husband Maputla, however she does not know that Charity is carrying a very big secret that could destroy the Maputla family. You will remember that the rumours about Maputla being Kwaito's real father are spreading and Meikie might end up hearing these rumours if John does not tell her, however the rumours are saying that Mantuli and Maputla recently met beneath the treeApparently Meikie recently pointed a gun on Charity because she thinks that John is back to his old ways which is cheating but what do you think will happen when she finds out that her best friend slept with her husband? You will remember that Maputla is acting otherwise recently and he does not even want to hear anything about Kwaito's name, however his wife can tell that there is something bothering him but she is not sure what is it. The truth has always it's own way of coming out and we will see a lot of drama on the soapie Please leave your comments and also share this to others

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