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Have a look at the following funny memes


Now that's why the say a dog is a man's best friend. It is quite cute to see a little boy growing to lift up his dog.🤣 So just think of 15 years of memories especially those when the dog does human behavioural acts.😁

2. If animals like dog had interviews, they would be like.🤣

3. The reaction when male animals see their babies of a different colour. They just be like.😁

This is an indication that men will always be men , no matter animal male or human.

4. The behaviour that we have when we find something worthy.

So the dog remembers where it dug its first gold, then it just had to mine that very same spot in case there's more of the juicy pie. 🤣


🤣 It is funny how the dog just smiled for the camera without being forced. I think it might have human instincts inside of it. I mean its even the most visible in the pictures than all those people.


It is funny how the boy will grow faster and taller than the dog .🤣That is how the friendship start. A kind of give and take situation where the boy open the door for the dog to play outside.


So the dog 🤣 pretended to be tired in order for its owner to carry it .It is quite reasonable because they climbed the mountain and then had to go down in the end.


Obviously the guy with the colourful shirt .🤣I mean the dogs think he is one of the most generous human of them all ,as he share each and every piece of what he is eating.


10. This is how friends who smoke marijuana take selfies.🤣


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