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The reason why Moshe hosted a memorial service for his dog

Did you know that Moshe Ndiki's dog Sugar Ndiki died on the 18th June 2022 and was only buried yesterday.

Join myself tonight at 19H00 with my co-hosts as we discuss this highly performative funeral.

Might be strange to some but some people get really attached to their dogs and even develop a bond with them like they would a kid. I was devastated when my Bruno died

The problem is not Moshe and his love for his dog, issue is the people that attended and entertained this. Ndine worry!

Moshe Ndiki is proof that SA celebrities do not suffer like the rest of us. 

There is alot going on in the background that we do not know about them, they only come out when money dries out. 

see me donating or participating in a campaign to help a celebrity kxll me!!!

None of Moshe Ndiki guest seems to worried, they can't even pretend.I am worried about Moshe what if he takes his life? He seems deeply hurt.

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