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What are the most splendid instances of correspondence in the set of all animals?

What are the most splendid instances of correspondence in the set of all animals? 

Dark widow creepy crawlies have a red hourglass figure on their stomach. 

This hourglass is intended to motion toward birds, a central hunter of creepy crawlies, that they are undependable to eat. (As splendid tones will in general do) 

Dr. Scratch Brandley tried this by setting close ideal models of dark widows around a bunch of bird feeders, on fake networks. 

A portion of the widows had red hourglasses, others didn't. 

His group noticed that the birds were multiple times bound to move toward hourglass-less dark widows than those that had the hourglass. Furthermore, that in any event, when the birds moved toward the dark widows that had that red hourglass, they would regularly unexpectedly see it and become surprised, taking off. 

Be that as it may, how could a dark widow signal this to birds, when laying on flat spiderweb? 

Presently you realize why dark widows hang topsy turvy on their bug catching networks. 

(Source: The Dark Widow's Incognito Shading Correspondence. Feilich, Kara) 

Yet, here is the subsequent issue. In the event that a bug has a splendid red hourglass on its paunch, how would they try not to frighten away different creepy crawlies they wish to go after? 

Development, through its unlimited cycles, perceived that creepy crawlies see on an unexpected range in comparison to birds do, who are better at seeing oranges and reds. The hourglass red on their tummy is twice as faint to creepy crawlies, and they are significantly less prone to be frightened away by the tone as that tint will in general mix in with the insect's body more. 

Furthermore, the hourglass on their paunch, especially when it is splendid and enormous, is exceptionally appealing to guys—who will be eaten in the wake of mating (as a wellspring of protein. The future of a male dark widow is just 2–3 months, versus 3 years for females) 

The correspondence of this hourglass is very splendid: anti-agents to adversaries, undetectable to prey, alluring to mates. 

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