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Watch : Pitbull Send 6 Suspects Running After They Tried To Break Into A Home

Social media users couldn’t help but laugh at this incident whereby a dog was seen chasing perpetrators of crimes who tried to break into a premises, and these dogs are doing a very fine job in fact it was only one dog. However, this particular dog was going against the about five to six perpetrators of crimes who were taking advantage of a situation where the security at the house was poor

The wall of the premises was small and you could see everything taking place as the house was visible from outside so they were certain that they'll be able to break into the home, they managed to disarm the owner or get him to give up his keys and then proceeded to steal the vehicle however this is not what happened.

The members of the public are very grateful that we find ourselves in such a situation where the criminals can also be dealt with decisively, the dog was able to chase them out of the premises this particular dog has really made many people love them because it shows that it is truly working for its meal.

It is not just another lazy dog that sits all day and greets strangers with happiness and a wagging tail, that is definitely everything that is not supposed to be done by guard dogs as they are supposed to be vicious but they’re also not opposed to be attacking random strangers which is the reason why a lot of people have grown to resent them.

If a dog can do something like this it is quite great and it makes a lot of people really be proud and feel like there is a way that they can also get dogs in order to fight their battles for them, because as you can see the dog did a job that no one could have done and it managed to get rid of perpetrators of crimes who tried to gain access to the premises and steal everything that they wanted.

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