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Check Out These 35 Hilarious Photos and Jokes for fun

1. Akpos goes to the grocery store. He discovers cat food at a very low price. He goes out and buys a dozen cat food cans.

When the manager notices this, he assumes that Akpos does not own a cat and that he will feed the cat food to his children. He goes to Akpos and requests that he bring the cat as proof of purchase of cat food.

Akpos brought his cat, and the manager agreed to let him purchase the dozen cans.

After a few days, Akpos discovers dog food at a significantly reduced price. He went out and bought a dozen dog food cans.

The manager demands documentation that he owns the dog once more. Akpos has gone to retrieve his puppy, which the boss has permitted him to purchase.

Akpos walks to the store with a bag a few days later. He requests that the manager reach into the bag and feel what is inside.

"What the hell?" the manager exclaims after feeling what's in the bag. What exactly is this? Is this nonsense? "Yes," Akpos said with a nod.

I intended to buy toilet paper and don't want to be sent back for proof."

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