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Engrossing facts about quacker parrots

Quacker parrots are regarded as excellent pets to keep .tm Their bubbly personality is what easily attracts the attention of human as well as beautiful physical appearance. 

Quacker parrots are average size , and are able to grow about 11 to 13 inches whilst weighing at 81.7 grams. They have a long lifespan of about 20 to 30 years so one is able to buy a quacker parrot , and watch is grow along with your child.

Hooded parrot is another name for quacker parrot , and are considered as true parrots. They are regarded as very intelligent animals, and have an excellent memory. They are able to mimic sounds as well as human words quiet clearly.  

Not a lot of animals are omnivores however this specie of bird is an omnivore , and is able to eat a wide variety of food such as flowers , grass as well as insects. 

Quacker birds come in a variety of colours due to a rare genetic mutation 

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