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Why is sheep shearing not considered animal cruelty?

Why is sheep shearing not considered animal cruelty?

Because if you don’t this is what happens (see below), they get sick, they over heat where literally there insides boil them to death, they can’t move, see, eat or drink and become seriously infected usually by fly strike! If a law came in stopping this (which it won’t) then a lot of breeds would have to be deliberately wiped out to prevent any suffering that sheering stops and because these breeds are also the breeds we get lamb from, roast lamb Sunday would be no more!

Even if the whole world never used wool again, we would still have to sheer the sheep or has that small detail not registered?! Taking your dog to the groomers will become cruelty next because most dogs aren't keen they just tolerate it!

I'm a big supporter in stopping animal cruelty but this is silly, there is so much REAL nasty horrific suffering animals out there- put all your effort into saving them! Or at least target the eastern countries where cruelty is a part of life, where they cut there tails off during sheering, thats where things need to change with new laws, marching around shouting ‘stop sheering’ isn’t going to do jack, put all your money together hire a sh*t hot lawyer and draft up and push to achieve new regulations by pushing and pushing to get your partition through government! Be productive use some smarts!

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