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Sensitive video of Rabies patient at hospital barking as dog. Find video link below

A Family of a 24-year-old boy shared a sensitive video of their son barking like a dog after found himself bitten by a dog. Video is very sensitive, not for the heart fainted. The young man was admitted to the hospital after being bitten by a home dog.

In the video young my shows barking like a dog and according to the information when a person who has been bit by a dog starts barking like it, it is simple of showing that the damage went far and it has reached no return stage. This means the chances of that person surviving are too slim.

The family of this young man was showing the world what they are facing in the form of asking help whoever ever can have a solution to the problem they are facing. Many people shared their views about this matter, it was just unfortunate that no one came with a solution, they all say when someone starts barking like a dog that shows the damage is too deep.


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