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Lenasia, Joburg South has been flooded. Snakes Even Made Their Way Into People's Yards.

Lenasia, Joburg South has been flooded.

Some scary snakes found their way to people’s yards as well. No, no, no! As black people we don’t want to be touched let alone see a snake. You see a snake you kill it. There is a lot of witchcraft, we can’t be playing with snakes.

People need to know that black mambas are not black but a light olive grey colour. They do occur in KZN but not up here.

Unfortunately I can’t really tell what these are as they’re dead and the heads are obscured.

What is more curious is Who killed them and why....what do you meen scary you can clearly see once again the snakes are not the scary ones ...the idiot humans killing them is far more dangerous ....these are completely harmless brown water snakes, no venom no fangs.

The floods are indeed terrible, as they have left many people homeless.

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