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A Pitbull Attacks the owner.

A Pit bull is a mixed breed dog with certain physical traits such as muscular body and broad head. In the United States pit bull refers to a type of dog that descends from Bulldogs and Terriers. Pit bulls are fun, gentle, companions and patient with family members.

Sandile Sai Shange posted a video that is currently trending on his Facebook account of a Pitbull attacking it's owner.

The pitbull was holding onto his leg and not showing any signs of letting go, people were trying to help by hitting the Pitbull with sticks and stones so it can let him go.

Someone asked why the person is taking a video and not helping with the others and someone replied and said it's because the pitbull is eating the owner and he has been trapped at his house for about 3 hours because he is scared of this dog.

Click on the link below to see the video.

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