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Opinion: Should pitbulls be banned in South Africa. Here's what one did to a 6 year old child.

The pit bull is a type of dog that's quite popular with dog owners, However it also has a reputation of being dangerous. Many people are scared of pit bulls and rightfully so because there has been evidence of people being killed by pitbulls in the past. Down below I will explain one of the most recent cases and than discuss whether pit bulls should be banned in South Africa.

The tragic case :

A six year old girl recently lost her life after a pit bull chased her down and than mauled her.

The incident occured at an informal settlement in Atteridgeville this past Monday. The young girl was playing at her neighbors house with some friends when the dog found its way in and charged at them.

While one escaped to her own home, three other children ran into the bedroom of the house they were playing at. The dog found them and dragged the six year old from the bedroom to the kitchen.

The child tried to hide behind the door, but the dog still got a hold of her and killed her.

My Opinion :

As we can see in this case, this isn't the actions of an animal you should keep as a pet. The fact that the dog did everything in its power to kill the girl, pursuing her and dragging her out of her hiding spot shows us the viciousness of this animal.

I feel like this would be the same thing that a lion or tiger would do and you wouldn't keep those as pets.

Personally I think that owning pit bulls as pets in South Africa should be banned, because we can't prioritize the happiness of a pet owner, over the life of someone that can be killed by those pets.

What do you think, tell me in the comments section and follow for more lifestyle news as it happens.

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