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5 Animals That Look Like Dinosaurs Caught On Camera


Dinosaurs are extremely well-liked by both kids and adults. The thought of the enormous, lizard-like beasts that previously walked the Earth inspires imagination like nothing else. The huge popularity of the Jurassic Park films is evidence of how passionately people feel about dinosaurs and related animals. Young people have undoubtedly fantasized about what it would be like to have a pet dinosaur at some point.

You can actually possess dinosaur replicas and, in some cases, actual close cousins of dinosaurs thanks to the exotic pet trade.

1. The Frilled Dragon

The dilophosaurus, a species made famous from the first Jurassic Park film, may immediately bring to mind the frilled dragon, which is a reasonably common species in the reptile trade. It is not advisable to encourage the appearance of the lizard's fascinating frills because they are essentially a defense mechanism and won't be seen unless the animal is under stress.

2. The Armadillo

The native South American three-banded armadillo, which is an animal that can completely close itself into a ball, is the species of armadillo that is most frequently kept as a pet. There are also occasions when the hairy armadillo and 9-banded armadillos, endemic to America, are maintained.

Many states do not allow armadillos, perhaps out of concern that they could spread leprosy. Armadillos are mammals, making them more closely linked to humans than any archosaur.

3. The Rhino Iguana

Iguanas share this trait with other lizards in that they all resemble dinosaurs to some extent. They were frequently employed as monster actors in the first films because of their amazing size, claws, and spines. Rhino iguanas, with their dark skin and rough faces, have a notably archaic appearance.

4. Turtle Snapping Alligator

These reptiles look just as deadly as they are said to be. They even have a beak similar to the species, which they use to rip their prey to pieces. Their striking shell is decorated with plates that resemble those on an ankylosaurus.

5. The Bearded Dragon

This dinosaur-like lizard is ideal for responsible kids and beginners to reptile caring. These gentle lizards come in a variety of color variations and are simple to handle.

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