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A Pitbull With A Brick In Its Mouth Scares People

These dogs are very much dangerous and when a person decided to bring them into their home they should make sure that their house is more protected. These dogs are aggressive and if they are not well trained they can kill a person. Last week there was a trend about a young girl who was killed by the Pitbull. These dogs do not have mercy , they attack everyone and they do not give up until they complete their mission.

If you have these dogs you should make sure that you build a wall and add some wires on top so that it will not climb the wall. You need to make sure that your gate is more secured they will not be able to go out and attack people. Some people just bring these dogs into their homes without securing their places. Also the law must make sure that any Pitbull which attack person the owner must be arrested. This Pitbull climbed a wall and it has a brick on its mouth. It attacked a man in his own home. This shows that these dog is very much dangerous and it cannot stay where people reside. This man is injured , these dogs are more like human beings. They behave like human beings.


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