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How to Stop Pitbulls When They Are Fighting?

Pit Bullfights may be very difficult to break up. Try to dissuade two Pitbulls from fighting, and you'll need to be very careful if you want to avoid being attacked yourself. Even though pit bulls are generally friendly dogs, they are known to be harsh fighters and are theoretically capable of inflicting serious damage or death on a human being.

Their notorious ferocity was enough to inspire the development of a technique known as the "split stick," which is currently used solely for pitbull fights. However, although the split stick is effective in breaking up the pitbull fight, other less dangerous methods should be used first to reduce the chance of damage to the pitbull.

Things you'll want to have with you

1-It is the water

2 – Smack the handle against the wall


1-Shout at your dogs with your hands clapped together. Frequently, this will cause a battle to be interrupted just as it is getting started.

2-Fill the dogs' bowls with water. If you have access to a garden hose, spray them with it instead of just splashing water over them. High water pressure may be more effective than simply pouring water over them.

Stand behind one of the dogs and grab him by the rear of his legs with your other hand. Raise his legs, as if he were a wheelbarrow, and drag him away from the other canine companion. Walk ahead in a slow circle while you are walking sideways so that the dog is forced to take a step away from you with its front legs.

This reduces the possibility that the dog may turn around and attack you again. In an ideal world, you would be able to coerce another human into doing the same thing with the other dog during a battle.

4-If the other dog had a close bite, put a split stick in the jaws of the dog that bit you. Recruit a second person to stand behind the dog and grip his hips tightly enough that he is unable to escape. Put one inch of the thin end of the break stick between the dog's teeth while standing on the dog's foot and taking his collar.

Rotate the break stick in the same manner as you would a car's throttle. Depending on how the stick rotates, the dog may be forced to reset the bite, focusing its power on the stick rather than on the dog itself. You will be able to liberate the dog as a result of your actions.

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