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Mzansi People Wants Pitbulls To Be Banned (see why)

As good as having pitbulls as pets could have been for a lot of families countrywide one sad sad reality about people's having them as pets as dangerous as they are is that this dogs always seem to come 1st in attacks that always end with people duying have you noticed that?

I mean right now as we speak there is a story of one who has been killed by one right at you saw that? Incase you have not refer to the link to see what went down when a pitbull ended up killing a human at the Gauteng,, So now with this incident not being the first one but one in like a million. a lot of South Africans has now come out on tweeter suggesting this about pitbulls (see the screenshoots attached below)

As you can see going through all this screenshoots a lot of people seems fed up with living around pitbulls and want them gone and the owners feel the other way about this suggestions of having them banned, From your perspective of all this what is it that youbhave to say? Do you think that this beasts really need to be removed from our communities all because of a few which has not been raised well raised to be violent?

I mean its not all pitbulls which are bullies but the few which are bullies are making a lot of people's hard now because some owners don't even see nothing wrong with walking with them in public while they know the fear that a lot of people have towards them.So now according to you as an individual whatvis it thatvyou suggest should he done about them? Should the be illegalize them for they are responsible for a lot of killing or their ownership should be permitted under certain agreements that if they kill or hurt someone the owners are to be fully held accountable for they wrongdoings?

Please write us a comment stating what you think towards this situation in the comments section below and while you are at that please do see to it that you follow my account for further news and updates please.

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