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Miracle Dog Overcomes

After his owner acted quickly to save the dog after it became unwell, a Cape Town canine was able to beat the deadly parvovirus.

Sylvia Plaatjies, 58, of Tambo Village near Manenberg, discovered her dog, My Baby, wasn't eating and wasn't moving around as he usually did. In reality, Plaatjies claimed that it became evident that My Baby only wanted to sleep.

"At first, I thought the dog had worms, so I took him to a local pet shop, and they recommended me to the Animal Welfare Society of SA (AWS) since the staff thought the dog had a major problem," she explained.

It wasn't easy for the mother of three to get her puppy to AWS. "To get to the animal welfare hospital, I had to take two cabs and then walk for almost an hour. My dog was sick, and I couldn't stand by and watch him suffer," she explained. "So I walked with him to the shelter so they could help him."

When the dog arrived at the shelter, staff members assessed it in the hospital ward, where it was revealed that it had parvovirus, a highly infectious condition that can be fatal, according to AWS nursing staffer Jacque le Roux.

"We informed the owner right away that we would do everything possible to preserve the patient's life, but that we couldn't guarantee whether or not the puppy would survive. The dog was in bad shape, to say the least "Added he.

According to AWS, the owner waited for My Baby for several hours as they treated him. After a while, the dog was hooked up to a drip.

"We were able to return the dog home the same day because he showed significant progress. He did, however, have to return for additional therapy every day until the condition was cured "According to Le Roux.

Plaatjies reportedly walked to the shelter every day to check on her puppy, according to AWS. Its last day of treatment was Saturday.

"When the pup came in for his last dose of the drip medication on Saturday, we were astounded by how cheerful and full of life he appeared. It's hard to imagine the dog was on the verge of death only a few days ago and is now almost completely recovered ""It's been overdone," Le Roux added.

Plaatjies expressed her delight at having her baby back with her family. Plaatjies claimed the dog was named My Baby since it was her "last-born" and brought them a lot of joy.

She went on to say that the dog was given medication for a few days. My Baby will be returned to the shelter after seven days to be evaluated. Parvovirus is not communicable to humans, but it can be passed from small puppies to adult dogs, according to AWS spokesperson Allan Perrins.

Severe and often bloody diarrhoea, fever, not eating, lethargy, and quick dehydration are some of the parvovirus symptoms to watch for in dogs, according to Perrins. Vaccinations can be done at the shelter for R100, according to AWS.

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