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Owner allegedly abandoned his dog, because he thought he was gay, this caused a stir

The behavior of several non-human animal species can be regarded as homosexual or bisexual. The same-sex animal partnerships may engage in same-sex sexual behavior, courtship, tenderness, pair-bonding, and parenting.

Every significant geographic area and every significant animal group contain different varieties of this. Even within the same species, non-human animals engage in sexual behavior in a variety of ways, however social species are best recognized for their homophily

Speaking of homosexual behavior in animal, one dog owner abandoned their pet dog at an animal shelter because he thought he was gay, it is unclear what this dog did to give him the idea that he could be gay, this post caused a stir on social media.

But no studies that I know of has been able to identify if an animal is gay or not.

If you're wondering whether your dog or cat is gay, you should know that there isn't any proof for it right now, at least not in the way that humans define homosexuality.


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